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We are always interested in hearing from positive people with skills and experiences to help improve the products and services we offer. If you think this could be you, take a look at our vacancies below, complete the form at the end of this page and upload your CV and covering letter to let us know of your interest. We look forward to hearing from you!  



Head Chef – Roastery

Pizza Chef – Roastery


Senior Brunch Chef – Town Stores

Junior Brunch Chef – Town Stores

Head Barista – Gwydir

Cafe’ Supervisor – Town Stores

Front of House – Town Stores

Front of House

Our Cafes – Gwydir St, Trumpington St (both in Cambridge) and The Roastery (Shepreth) – have a huge range of lively, unique customers, many of whom are regulars, and we appreciate each and every one of them greatly. If you can share our values in helping to make their visit feel special, then a front of house position could be for you.

The Roastery

From seed to harvest to processing, coffee requires a lot of labour and hard-work to produce a high quality, distinct flavour. We try to respect this effort at the roastery, carefully controlling the many variables so we can share the coffee we’re excited to taste and talk about.

Join our barista, roastery or wholesale team in sharing our coffee discoveries to Cambridgeshire and beyond!

The Kitchen

Well-travelled food worth travelling for. Carefully sourced, creative and contemporary, our menus feature brunch classics alongside our special take on dishes from around the world, sometimes on the same plate! Early Hot Numbers food offerings had been hearty and comforting but in 2016 we challenged ourselves to bring our food on par with our coffee. With a lot of hard work and chefs who put their heart and soul into each dish we got there. Generous portions, vibrant vegan offerings and gluten free goodness, Hot Numbers is now a food destination.

The Bakery

As our reputation for brunch grew, we found ourselves getting through more and more bread. We needed focaccia and sourdough seven days a week and knew we wouldn’t keep up baking from the micro bakery we’d established at Gwydir St. So, we decided to invest in the kind of equipment a Parisian boulanger would be proud of. We’re very proud of the bread and bakes we’ve created but we’re not stopping here and continue to experiment and grow – you could be part of this journey too!

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