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Hot Numbers Coffee & Sackito

Written by Admin99, published 10-24-22

Gorgeous bag alert!!!

Hot Numbers Coffee Roasters have a limited edition run of bags for sale from Sackito in conjunction with the charity Stand Out – helping people leaving prison to find employment, realise their
potential and move out of the criminal justice system for good.

At sackito, they are committed to a greener future and are
passionate about recycling and sustainability. There are thousands of coffee sacks sent to landfill every year in the UK and they are determined to find environmentally friendly ways to re-use these sacks.

They collect the used coffee sacks from local roasters and bring them to HM Prison Pentonville where they are quality checked. Using years of experience in design, Maria (the founder) alongside the residents turn each coffee sack into
beautiful, hard wearing jute bags.

Additionally, since jute is completely recyclable and biodegradable, when your bag is old and frayed it can
be composted for the garden!

Come along and see them for yourself… once they’re gone, they’re gone – these really, truly are one offs.







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