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We are excited to launch Cambridge's first Syrian Supper Club, an evening of beautiful Syrian-inspired food to remind you of some of the very good things that Syria has and knows, plus it is all raising money for the Hands Up Foundation, a charity who supporting aid projects in and around Syria, for details on these have a look at their website.

The Syrian Supper Club came to life in July 2012, when a groups of friends, two of whom lived in the old city of Damascus, by Bab Salaam 2010-2011, decided to do something to help the unfolding humanitarian crisis and remind their other friends in Syria that they had not been forgotten. Since its inception the initiative has raised over £250,000, held 150+ suppers, and fed over 2,000 people.

For this first evening in Cambridge, we’ll start with drinks on arrival, and tell you a bit about where your money is going; how it gets to Syria and exactly who it helps. This will be followed by a series of stunning courses, including shwander (beetroot dip), fattoush (toasted flatbread salad), jewelled couscous and saffron infusions. We'll end with a slice of cherry and almond cake accompanied by orange blossom mascarpone. 

This is a chance to eat and meet lovely folk, ask a question or two and make merry, knowing that by doing so you are helping Syrians who are in desperate need. Hot Numbers will be running a bar throughout the evening to keep you watered. 

Book a ticket quick; they tend to get snapped up faster than hot honey cakes on a cold day.