Colombia – El Mirador Geisha

Colombia – El Mirador Geisha

A first for us here at Hot Numbers! A Colombian Geisha, brought to us by our friends at The Green Collection. This Geisha is from the Planadas community which is a fan favourite here at the roastery. Expect a juicy delicate cup of coffee, with notes of White Wine & Pomegranate.

Region Planadas, Tolima
Producer Victor Gutierrez
Elevation 1870 masl
Process Washed
Variety Geisha
Cupping Score 88.5


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Additional Information

Something new and exciting for all the fellow coffee geeks out there. We’re proud to present an exceptional Geisha from El Mirador in Colombia. We love Colombian coffee here at Hot Numbers, and this one is a truly tasty cup. Geisha is a variety of coffee hailing from Ethiopia but now is grown all over the Bean Belt. Geisha is known for its unique flavour profiles of fruity and floral flavours.

This Geisha comes from the Viewpoint farm on the Planadas community, grown by Víctor Gutiérrez a speciality producer and certified Qgrader. Grown at 1500 – 1700 MASL this coffee has developed a delicate sweetness with notes of Jasmine and pomegranate. This is a limited run for us, we purchased 35kg of green beans and carefully roasted to perfection. For this limited run we will only be offering the coffee in a 200g bag.

About the process;
This coffee has gone through a washed process. This process involves the fruit being removed from the cherry via a de-pulping machine, once done this leaves your beans covered in parchment and mucilage. The mucilage is a sticky layer surrounding the beans, full of sugars and natural alcohols this is where a lot of sweetness and acidity comes from.
Once pulped the beans go into fermentation tanks for typically 12-24 hours. During this fermentation the mucilage is broken down until just the parchment surrounds the coffee.
When the coffee has been fermented for long enough, the coffee gets taken to the drying stage. This particular coffee was dried on a patio being turned multiple times a day, this drying can take anywhere from 10 – 22 days. Once dried to coffee is ready to process for export!